Training #14: The Doctor, Ch. 2.

This one was longer than I expected it to be, and I still think I could have made it longer. The gravedigger’s memoirs in particular are a point I know I could have expanded upon, but ultimately felt that the town didn’t need as much characterization as it could get. Maybe sometime later, if we revisit this town, the account will be more in depth, but for now the story still centers on characterising the Doctor. This one was still a tad on the dry side, but the next one should be both shorter, and more peopled.

The Doctor: Chapter 2.


Blip #2: Additional Character

The continuation of yesterday’s blip. I’m not thinking of making blips a regularity, but I do a lot of stuff not related to this blog, so if I do something tangential again, I might post it as another.

Addition to Character Compilation