The Timeout

So, I’ve missed yesterweek’s post. The reason is because of Christmas. I got flooded with social interaction, whereas flooded incorporates an underwhelmingly normal-for-any-other-human-being amount of interaction. That, and I’ve been doing some things that don’t really fit the format of the blog, and that still take up time. Ultimately, I also partly forgot about it, thinking I still had some buffer left from what I made for myself before the festivities began. I have a really relaxed schedule with this blog, as I see this as a hobby (more…)


Training #9: Red Cat


This is just a quick thing I made, because I didn’t feel like doing anything else. I know that it isn’t perfect, I could have put more time into smoothing out the edges of the original cat, as well es going for an altogether crumbling look for the word, but this time, I admit, I was just lazy, and wanted to do something quickly, that would amuse me for the moment.

The parts that I used are these photos:


Disclaimer: I do not own the cat, or the russian language.


Crumbling Wall Texture