Blip #2: Additional Character

The continuation of yesterday’s blip. I’m not thinking of making blips a regularity, but I do a lot of stuff not related to this blog, so if I do something tangential again, I might post it as another.

Addition to Character Compilation


Training #6: “The Temple”

This one is a shorter one. It’s just something that I had to get out of myself, after going on a binge-read of Lovecraft. I could have made this story more descriptive, longer, but I’ve felt the vagueness of it works in its favour. Using the reader’s imagination against them. I just hope I’ve stimulated the imagination enough, to have at least shown the mind the direction they should be heading in.

After last weeks ramble, I feel as if this is really short. It’s just not a story that has this much happening. It follows people surrounding a building, which sets the location pretty clearly. The timeframe could be worked with more, but I decided to focus on one battle in particular, and extended the meaning of battle to include aftermath anyway. It’s not told in chronological order, but rather showing ever more revealing information about the temple and its surroundings. Still, it leaves many questions unanswered, some of which should not be answered to feeble human minds.


Training #3: “Tear”

I’m relatively content with this story. It has a lot of everyday life in it, and from what I observe from the people around me, it will be easy for people to identify with someone cynical and hating of his job. Although, Raj in particular might be a tougher case, as he’s also lazy and kind of a douche.

I’m not sure if the story works as it should, because I haven’t actually tested it on anyone yet. The way I tried to make it, was visual for the beginning. The first section was supposed to paint a cosmic image in the minds of people, a sort of firework on a grander scale.

The second part, the introduction of the setting, is a slice of life monotonous journey, bespeckled here and there with a tad of colour. It’s a day at an office job, something regular, but with those small events that make every single day stand out. No two days are the same, and it’s usually not because of the general tone of the day, but because of the details. It was also the part that was supposed to ground the story in reality.

The next part, after the bar night, was where contrast showed. It starts as a seemingly inescapable conflict situation, with the main character kidnapped and apparently being given as an offering to some gods, by an unknown cult. It is something improbable happening, but still grounded enough to be believable. But then they start their ritual, and mystical occurrences happen, showing that the cult is more dangerous than previously thought. Tensions rise.

Lastly, the penultimate part was supposed to show the absurdity of it all, but also, somewhat inspired by my lately readings of Lovecraft, the smallness of man, the faintness of his beliefs. The cult has power, but the god they summon is not what they believed, or wanted. Some kind of ritual is performed, but the cultists become the offerings. And the sacrifice is the only one not to be killed.

The ending was a link to the beginning, furthering the notion, that nothing makes sense in this world. It is but a product of the tears of a scared lost man, who had no intention for it. Although, another way one could think of the message of the story, is, that there live beings beyond our power, that try to scare us, for the continuation of their amusement. Or that the sacrifice of the many, can empower one, to be able to sacrifice much for the betterment of the even more.

There are many ways to interpret the stories given to us, and what I’m trying to say, is that if you have any idea, that you think sounds cool, about what the story means, then by all means keep it. I, as the author, see more than one possible message in this story alone, and with time could likely find even more. After all, art does not need a producer, all it needs is someone to interpret it.