Training #12: The Doctor.

And now to your regularly scheduled programming. This is going to be a longer story, which is why I decided to partition the showing of it into chunks that are laxly manageable for me to write. I’m hoping to maybe fool myself into thinking I’m doing a variety of things, by oscillating between the two projects, the game and this story. It’s just, that doing the same thing all the time quickly gets boring, and while I can keep doing boring things for quite a time, there’s just so much out there to do, that can be pleasurable and does not have to be boring. Anyway, This here is also my first step into LaTeX, which I’m already beginning to love. What I’m doing with it here is likely a bold underuse, but I’m training on the use of it for other areas of my life. If you don’t know what it is, and you ever felt there was too little programming in using regular text editors, give it a try. It’s pretty and challenging.

Going back on topic, the story I’m presenting here right now is one of a Plague Doctor roaming the countryside in a time period I haven’t pinpointed yet. I take it the first few chapters will be mostly character reveal, then possibly some human drama, and only then will the obstacle be presented. What I’m trying to say is, this will be a slow-burner. I’ll likely be deploying the story onto this blog chapter by chapter, because for now, they seem to be doing a steady 1.5k words. If they’ll tend to go shorter, I’ll try for the updates to keep a steady amount of words.

I personally don’t want  to say all too much about the substance of the story itself, because I have so many ideas planned that I don’t want to spoil/overhype the reading of the coming chapters. I want the reader to be a relatively blank slate when reading, in contrast with the short stories I wrote beforehands, where this veiling of story points varied. I’ll likely create a summary of what I tried to imbue into the text by the end of my journey to its creation.

The Doctor


Blip #2: Additional Character

The continuation of yesterday’s blip. I’m not thinking of making blips a regularity, but I do a lot of stuff not related to this blog, so if I do something tangential again, I might post it as another.

Addition to Character Compilation

Training #10: A Tribute.

Recently, I’ve finally finished reading the compendium of all of Howard Phillips Lovecraft’s work. I’ve liked many of his stories. Not all, but many. And thus, to somehow end this chapter of my life, in a somewhat meaningful-seeming way, I decided, to make a tribute to him. I was at first thinking of writing a story, as I usually do, and it’s still on the backburner of my thinking pan, but ultimately decided that a more intermediarily wider construct was one I wanted to try myself at. Thus I decided to make a game. A story will be there, although definitely not one of the scope I could have had, if I focused solely on that, but the weight I will put on the mechanics. Of course, it being a game, and a generic one at that, this will also force me out of my lazyness-comfort zone, and make me create graphics for it, make some music to it. Maybe record some sound effects, if possible or borrow from other places if not. Anyway, it is a tad longer of a project, and thus, I’ll just post updates on it in chunks over here, over the course of the next weeks. Hopefully I’ll manage not to give up on this. (more…)

Theory #2: The Crumbling of the Monolith.

“You’re either with us, or against us”

It would be a fallacy to say, that all isms believe this, as would it be a fallacy to say that just because someone does believe this, their messages and arguments are validated, or void. Still, while in some situations the statement may hold some value, the way I’ve seen it and its extensions used was less than exemplary.

The two things in particular I’d like to change or reinforce your opinion about are:

  1. The idea, that agreeing with one facet of something implies agreeing with it all.
  2. The idea, that a group is defined by the definition of its name.


Training #9: Red Cat


This is just a quick thing I made, because I didn’t feel like doing anything else. I know that it isn’t perfect, I could have put more time into smoothing out the edges of the original cat, as well es going for an altogether crumbling look for the word, but this time, I admit, I was just lazy, and wanted to do something quickly, that would amuse me for the moment.

The parts that I used are these photos:


Disclaimer: I do not own the cat, or the russian language.


Crumbling Wall Texture