Training #18: Mods again.

These weeks are not really good for me, creatively, because of exams I’m having, so in the meantime I’ve made a mod for a friend, for the same game as last time. It was mostly programming, but I managed to get in some spriting training, so there was some balance to the whole thing.



Training #16: Hook them in.

This is the beginning of an adventure I’m writing up, once again for the same guy. It’s set in a typical fantasy setting, and centers on a mansion, whose inhabitants are up to crazy things. In particular, the prompt was to have a gnome mechanic, whose constructs wreak havoc on the poor mansion-mates. I have a good idea on the rest of the cast, and the floorplan of the mansion, so it’s likely that the next thing coming up will be a the map, but because of how intertwined everything can be in such interactive stories, only time will truly tell.

An Injection of Insanity

Training #13: The Tower,Gloom and Broodiness

I’m working on the game on and off, and recently added the ground for a few mechanics, but the rest I’ll have to work some more on, untill they are presentable. For now what I’ve finished is the lighting system. By which I mean, as this is supposed to be ultimately a horror game, I’ve stripped the player from most of their ability to see.

Training #10: A Tribute.

Recently, I’ve finally finished reading the compendium of all of Howard Phillips Lovecraft’s work. I’ve liked many of his stories. Not all, but many. And thus, to somehow end this chapter of my life, in a somewhat meaningful-seeming way, I decided, to make a tribute to him. I was at first thinking of writing a story, as I usually do, and it’s still on the backburner of my thinking pan, but ultimately decided that a more intermediarily wider construct was one I wanted to try myself at. Thus I decided to make a game. A story will be there, although definitely not one of the scope I could have had, if I focused solely on that, but the weight I will put on the mechanics. Of course, it being a game, and a generic one at that, this will also force me out of my lazyness-comfort zone, and make me create graphics for it, make some music to it. Maybe record some sound effects, if possible or borrow from other places if not. Anyway, it is a tad longer of a project, and thus, I’ll just post updates on it in chunks over here, over the course of the next weeks. Hopefully I’ll manage not to give up on this. (more…)