I’m a person. Like you, or anyone else. Assuming you are a person.

I’m a person, but I feel a bit less persony, than what I assume humans feel. Mostly, because I feel happy. I’m content, fulfilled, while other human beings I see run around, looking for reason in their life, for a purpose, for happiness.

But then again, I don’t meet very many people. It might be, that I’m just surrounded by sad ones, while nigh everyone else is just as I am.

Any way it would be, I’ve finished all I needed to do in life, and now I cruise through it just for the fun of it. I gain skills. I make projects for myself, which I try to complete. I gather knowledge. I still have all my life before me, and so much I can do with no direction to go in. And so I wander. Because for every ‘why?’, there is a ‘why not?’.  And that is what I believe apathy to mean. Not caring to do something, but also just as much not caring not to. Freedom of choice, for not even you as a person stand in the way.

And so have I started rambling again. Not to say I don’t believe what i’ve said, but it might not be all too coherent, for it’s more felt than thought. And it is hard to pinpoint the feeling of neutrality.