Training #17: The Binding of Throats.

I’ve been brewing up several thing this week, but the one I finished before my self-set deadline was a mod I’ve been making for a friend, for the Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.

There’s a Narrator in the game, that from time to time says the name of a usable item, when you use it. It’s not hard to add additional sound files to the game, and as such, I’ve decided to write out some lines for Squids to record. I’ve planned to only procure the technical parts of the mod, but have ultimately grown impatient enough to overcome my distaste in my own voice, and gave it a try myself. After about 300 lines of recording later, with many failed tries, my throat felt abused, but the ordeal had stopped. The result can be seen in places such as:



Over Here

Still, those are not what I’m really proud of, because, rather than a voice person, I see myself as a writer. So I compiled a document with all the lines that are in the mod, to indulge in that sin.

Here it is:

This is a Document.

Edit: Took mod down, as a better version, with a more voice-person person voicing, is incoming.


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