Training #15: A little tide over.

So, I’ve drawn this little fellow, for something a tad bigger, that I’ll have finished for next week. It has nothing to do with both of my big projects.


I did it on a small scale, as it’s not really something important on its own, but rather complementary. If it hadn’t been so, I would have liked to make the details in the lower sphere make some kind of sense, and possibly make the innards of the legs more complex. I was battling around with some concepts of the haze in the upper sphere, but decided to just hazily draw some lines.

After I drew it, I found the little guy so compelling, I decided to continue my work on him by a little, and came up with this.


Or, more visibly.


It was quick work. The contrasts between parts are not the best, the parts themselves are malformed. But it’s good enough, for something quick I did for fun. I certainly enjoyed it.

Also, one thing led to another, and this happened as well.


The little guy can stab now.


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