The Timeout

So, I’ve missed yesterweek’s post. The reason is because of Christmas. I got flooded with social interaction, whereas flooded incorporates an underwhelmingly normal-for-any-other-human-being amount of interaction. That, and I’ve been doing some things that don’t really fit the format of the blog, and that still take up time. Ultimately, I also partly forgot about it, thinking I still had some buffer left from what I made for myself before the festivities began. I have a really relaxed schedule with this blog, as I see this as a hobby rather than a job, still I’m thinking of making this mistake a routine. In the sense of, why fight the enemy, if you can join them, and slowly edge them towards doing whatever you wanted to have done in the first place. What I have in mind, in more non-metaphorical detail, is having a one-break-per-year policy. Should be enough, the more so, because I’ve setup the blog with the thought of not straining myself. What is important to know, however, is that I’ve not been spending my time uselessly. It has definitely not been useful for the blog, but I’ve made good steps forward on my backlog of movies to watch, cleared up my reading schedule, and read up a tad on a few RPGs. I’ve talked to people, and have gotten a few ideas of what to write about, through that. And Squids, the big guy, whom for I make stuff from time to time, gave me a few of his own, even if not all of them he might be aware of. (Protip: Listening to other people helps in life. Even if you have endless pits of creativity, you get tired of yourself relatively quickly. Other people are nigh always neutral about you stealing ideas from them, as most of them they won’t implement anyway.)

So, I’m somewhat sorry for missing last week’s friday. Also, look forward to dinosaurs fighting reptiles, a bit of talking and a bit of dying, a floor generation mechanism, a map of a mansion and its surrounding gardens, and possibly any other tangents I might fall into.


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