Training #13: The Tower,Gloom and Broodiness

I’m working on the game on and off, and recently added the ground for a few mechanics, but the rest I’ll have to work some more on, untill they are presentable. For now what I’ve finished is the lighting system. By which I mean, as this is supposed to be ultimately a horror game, I’ve stripped the player from most of their ability to see.

I’ve included a temporary menu screen, just so I have a space to expand upon later, without having to rewire much of the connections between rooms.

A tad bland.

It’s a lot darker in the corridors now. What you see here is a combination of two lighting systems. One, that creates shadows based on objects, in my case, mostly the walls, and another, that creates a mask, that allows you to see in the cone to, and circle from, where you hold your mouse.

There’s nothing lurking in the darkness yet. I think.

A better look in an emptier room.

Blue blurs creeping up on Pointy McArrowsen.

I still find this guy cute. This will probably end by the time I make him an actual enemy. For me, he will likely be a huge annoyance, for the player, hopefully, a haunting menace.

Run, my Fas.

Lastly, a rundown through the room from my first game post, with added darkness.


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