Training #11: The Tower.

Update on the game:

I have a title for the game I’m creating. I was thinking of ‘The Tower of Terror’ as well, but it seems overtly dramatic for my tastes. Brevity is the soul of wit. Other than that, I have the beginning of the story, which I’ll likely narrate over some still shots in the beginning of the game, as soon as I’ll add some finishing touches on it, and get my hands on a good microphone. The rough draft looks like this:

I’ve just been a tourist, looking for ancient vistas and extraordinary buildings. To think that Salem was to be my last destination, after which I could finally return to my cozy home. But after looking for the cheapest way of travel, I found the fare through Terrsburrow. It was really well priced, which made me wonder, why I couldn’t find the route on any of my maps and travelling brochures. When I arrived, the weather around the town was really misty, and at first I thought it was the regular regressive backwater village. Then I saw the Tower. I knew I had to add one last stop to my journey of the eldritch.

When I asked around town about the Tower, the locals were very reclusive. What I could get, was from a non-local, the clerk on the town’s gas station. Apparently, the Tower was very old, and was once used for religious purposes. He told me weird things happened around it, and that it was better to stay clear. And, after meandering around the Tower, some drunkard even shouted at me, saying you should get the fuck out of this town, as long as you still could. Preposterous. Fortunately, some local firemen were quick in apprehending him, and I was fastened in the belief, that I should visit the insides of this amazing piece of architecture.

Around noon, not being able to get any more out of the locals, I decided to try the Tower. It was awfully still in the plaza as I was walking my final steps up to the doors. I tried them, and it was open. Inside, obfuscating darkness, and a humid rotten smell met me, and as I hugged the wall in search of a lightswitch, something closed the door. Now with my sense of sight taken completely from me, I was reminded of the torchlight I carry on me. Unfortunately, I could not get a use of it, for soon after the creaking of the door stopped, squishy wet steps approached, and something hit me in the head, knocking me unconscious.

I think I’ll add another scene on top of that, of waking up in the strange environment, although I’m not sure I won’t just make it part of gameplay. Also, I’ve coded up a very provisional starting screen, consisting of a gray screen and a black box, which you click to start the game. I just wanted to have something there already, because the more coding I have, the less easy it is to plug such a thing in at a facultative point.


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