Training #10: A Tribute.

Recently, I’ve finally finished reading the compendium of all of Howard Phillips Lovecraft’s work. I’ve liked many of his stories. Not all, but many. And thus, to somehow end this chapter of my life, in a somewhat meaningful-seeming way, I decided, to make a tribute to him. I was at first thinking of writing a story, as I usually do, and it’s still on the backburner of my thinking pan, but ultimately decided that a more intermediarily wider construct was one I wanted to try myself at. Thus I decided to make a game. A story will be there, although definitely not one of the scope I could have had, if I focused solely on that, but the weight I will put on the mechanics. Of course, it being a game, and a generic one at that, this will also force me out of my lazyness-comfort zone, and make me create graphics for it, make some music to it. Maybe record some sound effects, if possible or borrow from other places if not. Anyway, it is a tad longer of a project, and thus, I’ll just post updates on it in chunks over here, over the course of the next weeks. Hopefully I’ll manage not to give up on this.

What I have already created are a few placeholder graphics, such as that of the player, the wall, a teleporter, as well as the most base of mechanics: Movement in Space and Time.

Movement in four directions, as well as sprint.

There’s also collision with the walls, otherwise walls wouldn’t really make any sense.

Tiny Wall.

And, of course, as is necessary in every game, there’s your first enemy. It’s not an enemy yet, for it does not harm on contact, and for now I used it as a test object for a dialogue mechanic, that I may even discard in the future. I like to call it, the Chaser.

Look at it go.

Lastly, the Velocity you have is bound to your Stamina, which I’ll later bind to your Life as well. In other words, being out of breath means you can’t run as fast, and wounds make it harder to go on.

Gotta take it slow.

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