Training #8: “A Breath of Life”

Continuing with the short stories, but this time going in a bitter-sweeter direction than before. It’s not really anything I’ve had pent up inside of me this time, I just started with someone committing suicide, and went from there. Also, this is not meant to be an objective case of what happens, when someone wants to commit suicide, this is a subjective memory, of someone that, whose personality is to be conveyed by the story.

Mostly, I wanted to show, that when nothing matters anymore, one can appreciate the wonders of life. Just as a warning, nothing learned from reading stories, including this one, will necessarily applicable in real life. I’m not sure whether people behave this way, in such situations, I just create a person, that would.

“A Breath of Life” by amnesicApathete

I was still breathing. What a shame. At least it didn’t hurt. Or at least, as long as I wasn’t moving. Now that I think of it, there were probably better ways to go than trying for a car crash. Then again, it wasn’t much of a thought out decision, more of a feeling I had. Carpe Mortem. Seize the death.

I’m not sure how much time has passed, but it seems like an eternity. Nothing is happening on the outside, nothing is happening in here. In front of me is the tree I crashed into. It stands mighty, even with the missing pieces of bark and wood. On the other hand, the car had flown around the tree, a river of metal frozen around a stone of wood.

Now that I think of it, I’ve heard somewhere that glass is a liquid. Sitting here now it is hard to believe, for at the speeds I was going at, it was the only thing not deformed, only broken into thousands of pieces. Now they lay there, stuck in the tree or strewn about the hood. It sparkles in the sun, and in my hazy vision, at times I see diamonds, at times snow. Snow in summer? I must be slowly losing my mind.

I strain my vision to look a little further, past the hood, and past the tree. I’m afraid to move, for moving my eyes is pain enough. It is blurry, but also green and blue. It was a lovely day, today, wasn’t it. There was a bit of red in the corner of my eye, and a tad of greyish brown somewhere behind the tree.

I closed my eyes, and heard the wind blow through the green leaves of the tree. I didn’t feel it. I heard a cry of a bird somewhere behind me. There was the hush of a stream, lazily rushing along.

I took a deep breath, and immediately regretted doing so. Fire filled my lungs, and burned the skin off of my chest. I would have yelped, but I was too afraid to.

Then I heard the sound of a car approaching. They stopped here, so I gathered they’ve noticed me. In anticipation, I opened my eyes and turned my head to see the new arrival. The pain was immense, but through it I felt something unusual. Something dislodged from my neck. I heard a gurgling sound. I saw a shape nearby, a moving one, but everything was so blurry. And last I remembered it was day, why was it so dark then? I felt something wet flowing down my body, cooling the ache away. I think I heard a scream, but it was silent, distant. I see blackness, I hear the void calling. I’m here.


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