Training #4: “T R”

This one was fun to write. I’m not sure if I managed to hide the twist till the end, and if the hiding wasn’t forced too much. I just felt this had to come as a surprise. Once again, I started with a strong visual, but this time started in the middle of a story. There’s little introduction, and facts are thrown at the reader at a bit of a speed, in the hope they don’t realize what is going on, because only then does the ending pay off so well. Well, this is not necessarily for everyone, as there’s certainly a lot of nostalgia factoring in, into the payout, but then again, with the success that the franchise had, there should be more than a few people, who’ll like it.

Oh yeah, warning, this is likely something one could consider a fanfic. I’m not sure why, but I’m warning you. Maybe they are dangerous to your life. Who am I to know. Then again, what are you doing, looking through random blogs on the internet, when you don’t want to experience anything that doesn’t conform to your beliefs.

Alternative spoilers.

“T R” by amnesicApathete

A coin was slowly spinning in the air, both heads and tails consecutively flashing up in the bright light of the spotlight. It landed in the open palm of a woman, your partner, Jess. She says something, but you’re currently placing the explosives by the walls, and wiring them up. You turn to her.

“You aren’t dozing off again, are you, Jim?”

You gulp. You have not been listening, and she hits you on the head. It doesn’t hurt, physically, but it’s meant to, so it does.

“Au! What did I do to deserve this?”

She just slowly shakes her finger from side to side, and replies:

“You haven’t been listening. As I said, Tails. It’s your turn to wake him up.”

You groan.


She points to the hot air balloon.

“No whining.”

You gloomily walk over, while Jess pulls out, and spreads the building plans on the ground.

The lazy-ass is sleeping on the balloon basket’s floor. You prod him with a finger and he wakes up, but while doing so, he slashes his claws across your face. It’s not deep, and you don’t realize the pain at first, but then the air reaches the exposed nerve endings in your cut skin. You shriek a little, and that little brat tells you to shut it. You look at him in outrage, showing off the gashes he made in your face.

“If anything, you should be thankful. Anything is an improvement for your face”, he yawns out.

He jumps out of the basket, and tells you to hurry it up.


As you arrive at Jess’ she let out a hearty laugh looking at your face, and proceeds to patch you up. In a moment you are as good as new, and the itch feeling still reminds you of the bloody lines across your face. Afterwards she kneels down, and starts reviewing the plan.

“We are doing the flashy entrance. This is our breakout job, we want word of it to reach the boss. We the smokescreen the whole main room, and take out their communications, so they can’t reach the police. Our  main objective is to reach this room ”-she shows a room deeper into the complex-” and getting all that is on storage in there. The few points we have to watch for on the way are: No one is to reach the alarm before we destroy communications; No one is to reach the security room, because they could block our progress from there. Also, if little miss J. locks herself in the storage, trying to send her precious little monsters into safety, we have to act quickly.”

You take over.

“I just have to enter the system, and remotely open the door, as well as block the transportation channel. Either that, or, as the system is really delicate, we could just brute force it. We could literally bump into the shelves, and the system wouldn’t know what to do. But if a fight breaks out…”

Sleepyhead interferes.

“Leave it to me.”

Jess looks at you.

“I think this is all. Do we begin?”

You look at her.

“Let us.”

You all gather your things, and hide a safe distance away. Then, you push the detonator.

The dust is still falling when a light shines through. Two silhouettes can be seen through the blinding light. A voice asks.

“What or who are they?”

Jess replies.

“Don’t be frightened little boy.”

You continue.

“Allow us to introduce ourselves.”

And then you start what you’ve been practicing for quite a while now, Jessie leading.

“To protect the world from devastation.”

“To unite all peoples within our nation.”

“To stand by the evils of truth and love.”

“To extend our reach to the stars above.”



“Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light.”

“Surrender now, or prepare to fight.”

Meowth jumps over you, landing before you, and finishing.

“Meowth! That’s right.”

This is what you always wanted to do. This is you.


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