Training #2: Humunshroom


This one was purely practice. As I previously stated, I’m not much of a drawer, which is why I need to draw more.

This one is mostly based on the Mario series Mushroom, with a spin on colours, and alien looking arms and legs. It personally looks a bit weird to me, what I did with the legs. The bottom of the body is lower than where the legs start, but I drew the legs too short at first, and that was one way of reconcile it. Another excuse could be, that most animals have bottoms of their main corpus lower than where their legs start. Still, a tad weird.

Other than that, of the things that I’m not satisfied with, the left arm is crooked, while the right arm is a bit too thick at the bottom. The cap of the mushroom isn’t as smoothly round as I would have wanted to, and the frontal dot is plainly a mess. I’m also not sure about the eyes. There I have the feeling I did something wrong, but cannot entirely place it. And lastly, the feet have toes of inconsistent length.

I’m not yet sure, and I’ll just probably have to look into it, on how to shade thin objects, such as in this case the arms and legs, which came out okayish.


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