Training #1: Spellcasting

It’s partly an idea, but mostly training, this one. I’m not sure how good it will be, as with anything I have only started, but I don’t think I’ve ever done anything in this direction. This also might be more of a running before learning to walk training arc I’ll be doing, as drawing is something I don’t feel confident in, while animating, even in the shortest of amounts requires tons of it.

The plan is, to have an animation of a Wizard performing a spell after having taken a whiff of his pipe. This is only the general idea, and on paper, I’ll still need to transport this into the electrical medium and possibly add a few more key frames, before I can start making rough attempts at filling in the movements. The steps are: He stands there, inhaling the fumes from his pipe; He takes the pipe out of his mouth; He straightens his back hand revealing the wand; He moves the wand hand to the front, turning himself and placing his pipe hand behind his back; He exhales the fumes; Magic happens.

Things I need to work on, before the problems get worse while translating to virtual from, is the beard, which I don’t like either solid or as single strands, but neither does the hybrid-monstrosity speak to me, looking more like tree bark, than hair, as well as the situation at the hands. I already tried a closeup, and will have to transmit the qualities of the closeup to the faraway version, but even on the closeup there’s still work to be done. The hands don’t look relaxed enough, and the angle is still somewhat wrong.

The drag of the wizard’s robes is another thing to keep in mind. For now, as those are just key frames, it doesn’t matter all that much, but when I’ll get into the actual movements, the floaty robe should drag behind the wizard’s hands and feet.


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